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By using anonymous reviewers, who experience the same cruise that regular passengers do, the reviews are less likely to be influenced by outside or commercial bias. With massive variety in cruise ship style and destinations, first-time cruisers can easily get lost in the array of options. The website features comprehensive reviews of cruise ships with buying guides for different types of vacationer profiles. Each buying guide helps people understand the basics of picking the right cruise for their interests and lists the best ships for their needs.

We believe that tough, objective, and standardized reviews are the best way to analyze any product. That’s why every cruise, whether it costs $500 or $5,000, gets the same standardized treatment and analysis at Reviewed.com Cruises. We do this to ensure that you can cross-compare our reviews, and also to ensure fairness in our testing.

We also believe that it is critical to base our reviews on the merits of the product, and nothing else. That’s why we have a strict Ethics Policy. All of our contributors and editors must abide by this ethics policy, which demands absolute separation between our editorial and advertising departments, requires that our editors refuse all gifts, and prohibits us from attending company press junkets. We are here to provide reviews and recommendations that have only the consumer’s best interests at heart.

Chris Lloyd

Head of Reviewed.com

Chris Lloyd is responsible for the strategy and day-to-day operations of Reviewed.com.

He's a 16-year internet industry veteran, who's held a broad range of management responsibilities at both B2C and B2B companies. He began his career selling display advertising during the first dot com boom. He then took the entrepreneurial route by starting two small digital businesses in LA and Seattle, before returning to the startup world in San Francisco, New York, and Cambridge, MA.

David Kender

SVP, Editorial

David Kender oversees the greater editorial department at Reviewed.com, comprised of the writing staff, the test labs, and new category development. He began as Managing Editor, then Editor in Chief, of Reviewed.com's original ancestor, CamcorderInfo.com, helping to grow the company from a tiny staff to one of the most influential online review resources. He was named Vice President of Editorial Management in 2008, and began his current role as Senior Vice President of Editorial in 2012, focusing on editorial efficiency, manufacturer relations, and maintaining a strict ethics policy. During his time at Reviewed.com, David has helped to launch over 20 product categories and written hundreds of articles. He also co-developed the CES awards program and related promotion.

Dave holds a Bachelor's degree from Villanova University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Emerson College. David is also a writer, publisher, and community organizer in independent comics.

Sunil Doshi

VP, Product

Sunil Doshi leads the interactive and creative efforts for Reviewed.com. He works with all parts of the company to bring a cohesive and intuitive experience to the Reviewed.com audience.

He has over 10 years of interactive media experience, with focused expertise in user experience for mobile and emerging consumer devices. He led creative direction and product development for 2ergo, formerly Proteus. He played an integral, hands-on role in almost every aspect of interactive development, including functioning as lead on initiatives for major brands such as FOX News, FOX Sports, Apple, HBO, Discovery Channel, ABC, USA Today, BBC America, Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, Scripps Networks, MasterCard, Sprint, AT&T Wireless, and Motorola. His work for these companies included web and mobile interfaces and smartphone applications. He also developed industry-leading products that allowed brands to deploy mobile websites and SMS campaigns.